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2. Create Dashboards and KPIs


You will setup your Dashboards and KPIs hereclient-edit.

The top menu area also incorporates a Search facility, Quick Entry, Scorecard, Take a Tour, Imort and your Profile.

Clicking your Business name will open the “Create” window which also lists all Businesses you have created


Create your Dashboard – Click the "+" and just name it!

Create your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – click button "Create kpi" requirements include; KPI name, unit of measure, frequency or how often your measure will be taken, the direction of your graphs for instance “Up” will show positive gains for items such as sales, “Down” will show positive gains in expense areas, whether you are incorporating Targets, and whether you wish to assign an “operator” at this point.  Most of these options can be changed at a later date.

Once created you are now ready for data input, simply enter your actual results.  You can also adjust your Target numbers as well.

Target numbers - to speed up changes and data entry you can Right Mouse Button click (the cell) to bring up data entry menu...  Paste, Add value and paste, Add percentage and paste.  

Click “Take a Tour” to give you a basic overview of the pages functionality.  You’ll find all things you need to get started and functioning on this one screen.

Be aware that the Tabs to the left of screen contain a KPI list for either editing, bulk setup or creating calculated KPIs.

Other Functionality

Kpi Name - clicking the Kpi Name allows you to edit the KPI.

To the left of all KPI names is your Analytical access icon analytics-icon.  This allows you to drill down for more detailed analysis. 

Operators (employees) are identified and with a click can be edited or appointed. 

Calculated KPIs are highlighted analytic.  They are KPIs that are a function of other KPIs or involve some function of mathematical formula to create.  You'll need to go to KPI List client-edit to engage Calculator functions

Read the Screen – most functionality is quite visible.


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