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Use Fancy Graphs Instead Of Pie Chart

Have you ever set up your key performance data on a spreadsheet, then overlaid the data with also those fancy graphs?  WOW things look great, then a second look and maybe a third and then you come to the conclusion that the good old pie chart just doesn't seem to convey much information at all.  In fact, its only real purpose would be to split the percentage of a whole and colour code the result.  

Yes it has visual impact, no question they look pretty, but really what does it convey?.  For starters to compare your metrics from two different time frames you'll need two of them, the old Before and After.  What's missing are the bits in between, and they are the most important bits.  

Pie chart as a key performance indicator metric


Graphs are about trends and interpreting data streams.  Evaluating them and then making some sort of decision based on that information. And many graphs on a simple A4 dashboard can convey your operational performance at a glance.

Back to your Spreadsheet, when you completed your Spreadsheet, at its conclusion did it actually contain many Pie Graphs?, I would say not.  EzzyKPI has saved you the time and trouble by limiting your choice.  You'll never be tempted to use them because our experience tells us that they do little more than look good.

Graphical information is about telling a story.  A story that can be told in about as much time as it takes to gaze at something.  It shortcuts wads of data and sends a message at first glance.  If your graphic can't do that - change it.  Enjoy a free 30 day trial offer ..... ezzykpi.


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