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What are red Flag KPIs?


Formal management meetings should be an integral part of all business operations both large and small.  Results should be presented in a format that, at first glance, the message is clear and the discussions can focus on what's important.  

One page summaries with key metrics in graphical format highlights areas of  both concern and opportunity in an easily read and understandable format.  Performance dashboards are the preferred medium for this instantaneous communication.  They clearly highlight metrics that need attention.  Not having precise timely information can lead us all to actioning things that don't require action and adding to the inherent waste that occurs in many operations.

Red flagging your key performance indicators goes to the heart of potential problem indicators.  The norm of presenting standard KPIs can detract from the realisation of problem KPI identification.  Having the capability to automatically flag areas of non performing KPI metrics highlights what's important without having to review all the metrics you are tracking.  EzyKPI has Red Flag capabilities that make your management that little bit simpler.  Try it out for free at ezzykpi free trial or simply visit our KPI website for more information at


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